Samba Stilt Circus is a creative group of dancers, circus artists, stilt walkers,and musicians. The troupe has been performing together since 2006. Samba Stilt Circus mixes traditional Brazilian rhythms with original music using percussion instruments.

 The mission of Samba Stilt Circus is to create fabulous music and dance entertainment for guests with elaborate costumes, rhythmic percussion, animated stilt walking, and sexy dancers. Samba Stilt Circus specializes in parades and stage sets for both large events and intimate parties. In the past, we have led parades at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Harmony Festival, Earthdance, High Sierra Music Festival, and Guitar Fish Festival. We have entertained at the entrance to Sea of Dreams SF and the Oregon Country Fair, and performed stage sets at Symbiosis, Raindance Chinese New Year, Raindance Monster Bash, and Boom. 

We look forward to playing and parading with you soon!

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